Stakeholders Engagement in The Development of GSO Standards and Technical Regulations Workshop

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GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)
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:Course Outlines -

1. An introduction of the Authority's activities, technical committees, and their outputs

2. -The importance of the participation of relevant parties in standardization activities.

3. -Participation of the partners in the international organizations

4.  -Guide of Partners Participation in the Development of Gulf Standards (Responsibilities - Duties - Privileges).

5.  -Technical work guide for the specification

6 .Explanation of the mechanism of partners' participation in the work of the Gulf technical committees, and the international and regional practices.

 7 -The Authority's experience in the participation of the concerned parties in the

work of the technical committees           

-Target group:

·      Chairmen of Gulf Technical Committees for Standards

·      Secretaries of the Gulf Technical Committees for Standards

·      Representatives of member states in the Gulf Technical Committees for Standards

·      Representatives from the industrial and commercial sector

·      Government laboratories

Universities, research centers, experts and other stakeholders.

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-Stakeholder engagement in Standardization activities is considered one of the most important drives to improve the quality of standardization outputs and its compliance to consumer needs, manufacturers and government. International entities focus on this approach and set the procedures and guides to ensure proper implementation for stakeholder engagement