Technical Regulations Development and Regulatory Impact Assessment

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who should attend:

Specialists in various bodies acting in technical Regulations development and implementation in the member states (standardization bodies, other governmental regulators and control Authorities, laboratories& other inspection and certification bodies.

Course Outlines:

1.           GSO’s Introduction & Regulatory System;

1.1.    GSO’s Introduction

1.2.    GSO System for standardization and Quality

1.3.     Legal framework for products safety monitoring

1.4.    Mechanisms of the legal framework

2.           Good Regulatory Practices: International Framework (1);

2.1.    Introduction to International trade

2.2.    Institutions and international conventions most important requirements

2.2.1.           World Trade Organization (WTO)

2.2.2.           Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

2.2.3.           European Economic Commission (UNECE), Main activities

3.           Good Regulatory Practices: International Framework (2);

3.1.    GRP main international development

3.2.    An international model for Legislative Key Performance Indicators building

4.           Market surveillance GRP Introduction

4.1.    MS Long-term planification

4.2.    MS Medium term planification

4.3.    MS Short term planification

4.4.    Implementation

4.5.    Evaluation

5.           Regulatory Impact Analysis – an essential mechanism for good practices;

5.1.    Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA)

5.2.    Definition of Regulatory Impact Analysis

5.3.    Elements of the system for Regulatory Impact Analysis

5.4.    Measuring the impact of technical regulation in various areas

5.5.    Assessing the potential of Regulatory Impact Analysis

6.           Regulatory Impact Analysis: mechanisms for implementing the project

6.1.    Mechanisms and steps for implementation of Regulatory Impact Analysis

6.2.    Regulatory Impact Analysis, and its contribution to the decision-making process

6.3.    Building a team for Regulatory Impact Analysis

6.4.    Design the framework for Regulatory Impact Analysis

6.5.    Designing the framework for Regulatory Impact Analysis between several countries

7.           Case Study (1) for Regulatory Impact Analysis

7.1.    …

8.           Case Study (2 for Regulatory Impact Analysis

8.1.     ...

9.           Discussions – Q&A


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Specialists in various bodies acting in technical Regulations development and implementation in the member states