Metrology in ionizing radiation: measurement and calibration of neutrons and radioactive contamination according to the requirements of International Standards ISO 8529 and ISO 8769

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GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)
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Course outlines:

•            Basics of Neutron interaction and physics;

•            Facility design requirements for irradiation and calibration (Neutron and contamination meters):

o            Room Design

o            Shielding requirements

o            Safety systems

o            Irradiator types

o            Radiation protection program for staff and visitors

•            Neutron calibration Fundamental based on ISO 8529:

o             Reference Radiations for the calibration of neutron measuring devices

o            Calibration of neutron source

o            Neutron filed characterization

o            Periodic calculation of the operational quantities

o            Calibration of Reference and working standards

o            Calibration methods and calculation of calibration factors / coefficients based on international methods

o            Estimate uncertainty budget

•            Alpha/Beta Contamination meter calibration Fundamental based on ISO 8769:

o            Facility requirement to be equipped with Alpha Beta equipment

o            The ancillary instruments required to have sufficient resources for performing calibration

o            The calculation of Alpha / Beta source (calibration of the source) to perform calibration in known radiation field

o            The calibration methods with demonstration for calibration of contamination meters

o            Calculate the calibration coefficients and/or calibration factors and how to assess the uncertainty budget

o            The intermediate check for the reference and working standards

•            Maintenance required

•            Lessons learned by experience.

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The objective of this training is to establish the calibration laboratories in ionizing radiation field by providing technical knowledge based on ISO 8529 and ISO 8769 in the field of neutron measurements and surface contamination monitors respectively. It will also provide delegates with an understanding of the technical methods used for the calibration of radiation protection instruments and tools (survey meters, and personnel dosimeters) and will provide guidance on how to report on calibration measurements. The candidates will learn, using tutorials adapted to practical sessions, how to perform calibration measurements, calculate calibration coefficients and/or calibration factors and also how to assess the uncertainty budget.