GSO standards for Electrical Vehicles - Safety requirements

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English and Arabic
GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)
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:Course Objectives

1)     Understand the working principles of electric vehicles.

2)     Increase awareness of safety systems in electric vehicles.

3)     Understand the Key requirements for safety of electric vehicle systems.

4)   Understand the degree of protection requirements of key electric vehicle components as specified in the GSO Standards and International Regulations.

: Course Outlines

·        Introduction to Eclectic Vehicles (EVs)

·        Basic Safety Standards of EVs

·        Global & GSO Standards of EVs

·        Safety Standards of Battery in the EVs

·        Electric System Safety: Protection against electric shocks

·        Protection against direct contact

·        Protection against indirect contact

·        Insulation resistance

·        In-Use Electric Warnings Safety for REESS Operations

·        EVs Charger Safety Features

·        Battery Charging Safety

Course Language

English / Arabic


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GSO standards for Electrical Vehicles - Safety requirements