Qualification programs on the methodologies of technical legislation in accordance with the development of the Gulf conformity system

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GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)
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This initiative comes within the GSO strategy to achieve legislative integration in the most important conformity services, through which work is done to issue any of the binding Gulf technical legislation, and to develop any of the outputs of technical legislation, whether product lists, risk limits, conformity assessment procedures, technical regulations, evidence, and documents supporting the application of technical legislation


-Introducing the strategic plan of GSO in the field of issuing technical regulations.

-Introducing the Gulf Regulatory System for Product Safety.

-Introducing the guidance document Draft for Product Safety and Market Surveillance.

-Qualification of participants in the field of technical legislations

the target:

-Specialists in National Standardization Bodies of Member States.

-Specialists in the relevant legislative bodies in Member States

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Comprehensive definition of technical legislation of all kinds, including product lists with levels of conformity assessment procedures, sectoral technical regulations as well as directives and manuals in accordance with approved methodologies