Training of Technical Trainers (TOT)

  KUWAIT   |         |     08:00 - 13:00   |     Activity Completed
5000.0 SAR
Public Authority For Industry - Kuwait
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: Course Objectives

1.     Hone training skills for trainees

2.     Improving the trainee's performance in the face of the public

3.     The ability to prepare appropriate scientific content and training bags for training programs

4.     Know how to assess the training need

5.     The ability to evaluate training content before and after the training event

6.     Being able to master a body language suitable for the distinguished trainer

7.     Be able to formulate public and special objectives for training programs

8.     The ability to deal with different styles and characters of trainees

9.     Be able to plan a training event in a distinct way

10. Know the rules and mechanisms for evaluating the training event and knowing

11. the opinions of the participants

12. Mastering presentation and throwing skills


Course Outlines:

1- Introduction to training.

2- Training methods. 

3- Formulating the general objectives of the training program. 

4- What is meant by identifying training needs and how. 

5- Success factors of the training program. 

6- Training bags and their concept, components, and how to design them. 

7- Personality patterns of the trainees and how to deal with each type (the naughty / talkative / shy / indifferent / knowing / insistent on questions / introverted / lazy .... etc.). 

8- Characteristics of an outstanding coach. 

9- Means of encouraging and motivating the trainees to actively participate. 

10- Possible negative reactions of the trainees and how to deal with them. 

11- Body language and its role in the success of training. 

12- The coach's external appearance and its impact on the public. 

13 - skills of appearing with confidence and skills of persuasion. 

14- Presentation and speaking skills. 

15- Coach personality during training 

16- Humor in training and its role in motivating the public. 

17- Pauses during training when and how? 

18 - Planning and preparation before, during and after training. 

19- Preparing the in-person training hall: the forms of trainees seating, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and what should be available in the training hall. 

20- Scientific content and how to prepare it. 

21- Qualities of the scientific material that attracts the audience. 

22- Methods of writing attractive titles for workshops and training courses. 

23 - Caveats when designing training programs. 

24- Presentations and how to prepare them in terms of shape, lines, colors...etc. 

25- Individual and group practical exercises. 

26 - Training games and how to design or obtain them. 

27- Evaluation and its methods before and after the training event and its role in the success of the training event. 

28 - golden tips for the coach





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