Handling of technical differences between GSO’s Member States (Goods flow and the unified entry point)

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GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)
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:course objectives

·        Presenting the general and particular GSO’s  framework for products safety

·        Presenting the essential instrument for Safety Monitoring (the Gulf Conformity Tracking System)

·        Presenting the GCC Policies on Market Integration (Custom Union & GCC Single Market)

·        Presenting national models for conformity assessment and their main differences

·        Presenting complementary and alternative mechanisms to conformity

assessment and market integration.

:who shouled attende

Specialists in various bodies acting in technical Regulation development and implementation in the member states (standardization bodies, other governmental regulators and control Authorities, laboratories & other inspection and certification bodies);

:course outlines

·        GSO General Introduction & Regulatory Framework for Product Safety

·        GSO Conformity Tracking System - Essential instrument for Safety Monitoring

·        Others Harmonization tools for Conformity Assessment

·        The GCC Policies on Market Integration (Custom Union & GCC Single Market)

·        The Various Members States’ National Schemes on Conformity Assessment

·        Main GSO initiatives for Market Integration

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The course aims at presenting the various GSO’s instruments for conformity activities harmonization in light of the GCC strategies for integration and interdependence among member states (especially the Gulf Common Market and the Customs Union).