Role of standards in developing the industrial sector

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375.0 SAR
GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)


Course Outlines

I: The history of measurement and standards

Standards throughout the history until the Industrial Revolution

II: The Industry of Standards

-  Definition of the standard

-  Standardization organizations

-  Standard preparation mechanism

-  Types of Standards

Third: The role of standards in the economy and industrial development

- The industrial sectors targeted by the standards

- The economic benefits of standards and their impact on the development of industry and trade

- Conformity to the standards

- The future of standards and the 4th Industrial Revolution


Course Objectives

-   Giving an overview of the history and development of standards throughout history up to the Industrial Revolution.

-  The impact of standardization activities.

-  The international system for preparing standards.

-  The importance of standards in the economy in general, mainly in industry 

-  The impact of standards on industrial development

Who Should Attend?

-   Workers at national and regional standardization bodies.

-   Workers at industrial sector.

-   Users and implementers of standards in general.

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