ISO POCOSA 2017 & Benefits of XML in Standards Publishing

  kuwiat   |         |     08:00 - 02:00   |     235 days to start
3600.0 SAR
Information Centers
English and Arabic
Public Authority For Industry - Kuwait


The ISO POCOSA2017  Policy for the Distribution of ISO Publications and the Protection of ISO's Copyright workshop aims to highlight the requirements of ISO's commercial policy (POCOSA) and copyright in the ISO system. This workshop aims to Support National Standards Bodies to identify the market for standards and to establish marketing and communication strategies as well. The workshop will also include a brief talk about benefits of standards publishing using XML technologies and a demo for GSO solutions and services for standards publishing using XML.

Target Audience:

-                    Standards Sales and Information Center Specialists

-                    Standards Specialists, Editors and Managers in GSO Member States

-                    IT Specialists in GSO Member States

-                    Interested individuals in government and private sectors

Workshop Outlines:

-                    Presentation of ISO POCOSA 2017

-                    ISO Members' rights and obligations

-                    ISO business model and approach to copyright

-                    Products, including national adoptions of ISO Standards

-                    Pricing policy

-                    Distribution Policy

-                    Case Study: How Bahrain is preparing its national adoptions using GSO Publishing Services.

-                    MoU between ISO and GSO

-                    Q&A session on the sales of standards with the participants

-                    Benefits of Standards Publishing using XML Technologies

-                    GSO Solutions and Services for Standards Publishing using XML Technologies

-                    ISO IT Strategy 2017-2020 - A foundation for the future

-                    IT Solutions and services for ISO members and partner


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