Lubricating Oil Standards and internal combustion

  dubai   |         |     08:00 - 02:00   |     228 days to start
4200.0 SAR
Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology

The course objective

The course objective is to raise the quality of lubricating oils for its close relationship with improved performance of cars  and its life span, and to  understand the appropriate design future cars in the Member States for the available types of lubricating oils and the evaluation of the enironmental empact.

Who Should attend?

The training course will be for Members of the Oil and Gas Committee (Sub-Committee to the standards of petroleum products),Standards specialist of oil and gas. 

Course Main Topics:

·         Lube refinery operation, Base oils Standards

·         Basics of lubrication-Part I ( standards ,Lubricants production)

·         Basics of lubrication-Part II ( Why Lubricants , Certification bodies, Tech devices )

·         Classification of lubricants ( API , SAE , Lubricants categories : Diesel ,Gasoline , Industrial )

·         Assembling PETROMIN Trg Hall

·         Visit to PETROMIN Express

·         Techno commercial considerations.

·         Testing Methods

·         Evaluation of Environmental Impacts

·         Trends in lubricants

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