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Activity awareness and media

Organization works through the activity of awareness and information on the definition of standardization and related activities, and to shed light on the Organization efforts in improving the quality of products, goods and materials manufactured locally or imported are displayed in the GCC and the GCC common market, and consumer awareness in the Member States to limit the use or consumption of counterfeit goods and products and materials shoddy shoddy standard, through various media, in addition to the magazine of standardization (GCC) and the TRA website and the monthly bulletin of electronic and many pamphlets and brochures awareness issued by the Authority, as well as organizing seminars Card, conferences and exhibitions related.

This comes out of the directions of the standardization of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States in reaching all segments of society in the Member States in order to increase awareness of the importance of standardization and its role in supporting the national economy, and protect the market, health and the environment, and promote products and services in the areas of specifications and standards, and conformity, and training and accreditation, and others.