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Department of Standards and Metrology Main Tasks

  1. Follow the formation of technical committees for the preparation of standards and coordination with States to identify their presidents and secretaries and their members in accordance with the nominations received from Member States.
  2. Coordination with secretaries of the technical committees to develop annual plans and long-term preparation of draft standards and technical regulations in light of the Gulf strategic objectives for the organization and follow-up technical committees to implement them.
  3. Preparation of draft regulations and technical Guides related to standards and technical regulations, and monitoring procedures adopted and implemented.
  4. The preparation of standards and technical regulations of goods, products and methods of inspection and testing, terminology and definitions, through technical committees.
  5. Display projects on the General Committee for Standards and Technical Council and the BOD for approval.
  6. Provide technical and administrative support for the technical committees in order to facilitate its work.
  7. Monitor the performance of the technical committees and their commitment to action plans and deadlines.
  8. The establishment of strategic relationships with standards stakeholders, and increase the number of participants in the preparation of standards from Industrial sectors as well as research organizations, regulatory and industry users and consumers in the member States.
  9. Coordination of work between the NSB's at the international level regarding the activities of issuing standards.
  10. Building effective working relationships with international organizations for standardization, and follow the latest trends and benefit from international business development in the GSO technical committees.
  11. Take over the secretariat of the General Committee for Standards and to prepare for its meetings, agenda, memoranda and minutes of its meetings.
  12. Preparation for the meetings of the Board of Directors and Technical Council and the preparation of memoranda on standards and technical regulations.
  13. Preparation of periodic reports on the activities and achievements of the department and technical committees and other activities related to standards and technical regulations and monitoring of problems and difficulties impeding the march and make recommendations for submission to the Secretary-General and the General Committee for Standards and Technical Council.
  14. Implementation of the tasks assigned to the Department by the Secretary-General and the General Committee for Standards and Technical Council and the BOD in the field of standards and metrology.