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Method of Developing Standards and Technical Regulations

  1. The Working Group of the Technical Committee or Sub-Committee (or the Member State in charge of the project) to prepare a proposal (draft) preliminary draft (CD) and submitted (electronically on the GSO website) to the Secretary of the Committee for presentation to the members of the Committee to reach agreement on the initial draft standard (DS).
  2. The Secretariat of the Technical Committee or Subcommittee will load the initial draft standard (DS) agreed in by clause (1), to be available to the Member States of the Committee accompanied by the report shows the basic references used in the preparation, and a presentation of its history, its objectives and its justifications, and at the same time the inclusion of the project on the home page of GSO website Embedded link (draft standards in the distribution phase) to allow the different agencies to comment on the project within the specified time period to receive feedback.
  3. A study Conducted of the initial project (and comments received thereon) by the Member States and are presented Comments and Discussion thereon within the time limit for comments to be reached to support the majority of members, and provides technical notes using the electronic form allocated for this process.