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Metrology Objectives

The world economy now depends on reliable measurements and tests.

 (Reliable Measurements)

It shall be reliable and acceptable on the international level, and measurements and tests may not constitute any technical impediments or barriers before world trade. To reach this, the suitable infrastructure shall be provided in the field of metrology as a prerequisite for achievement of the same.

The purpose for provision of suitable infrastructure in the field of metrology is to guarantee validity of measurements carried out on the level of each country and to promote reliability of the inspection and test results and pave the way to mutual international recognition.

Availability of suitable infrastructure in the field of metrology can contribute to remove the technical barriers and smooth inter-trade among countries. It can also protect health and safety of society in way that can be positively reflected on the prosperity and standard of living.

Having the suitable infrastructure of metrology in the country contributes to:

  • Scientific and technical development
  • Support of national economy
  • Guarantee of fair commercial transactions and improvement of the quality of services and industrial operations
  • Protection of health and safety of community members and conservation of environment
  • Upgrade of efficiency of personnel and enhancement of their capacities as well as imparting them with skills and experiences that contribute to development of metrology activities in member states.
  • Mutual international recognition of results of measurement, calibration and inspection.