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Importance of Measures

In Industry

Metrology plays a key role in:

·        Scientific progress, industrial and technological development

The basis of any scientific or industrial development is metrology without which most industrial operations, their means of observation and quality of control cannot be controlled and control of its outputs depends on measurement.

·        Design and effectiveness of manufacturing of products that satisfy market needs.

Quality of products or services is measured by their satisfaction of market needs and requirements. Therefore, we can't judge the outputs of design of any products or services without use of reliable means.

·        Investigation of the cases of product nonconformity and prevention

Control of outputs from industrial operations may result in products that don’t satisfy market requirements. To analyze direct reasons for inconvenience of outputs and application of corrective measures to avoid repetition, it certainly requires measurement operations with high credibility to help investigate the direct reason and prevent its repetition.

In trade

Most commercial transactions are based on measurement to indicate the quantity, volume or quality of products or service subject to the commercial exchange. The trader usually buys wheat for certain price per kilogram or ton at certain humidity degree.

Wood trader exports wood plates at certain price per cubic meter.

Who can guarantee for traders to receive the ordered and paid for quantity, or the proper measure of cubic meters of woods.

Having reliable national metrology system can protect traders and ensures receipt of proper quantities and measurements, in addition to general protection of national economy.

For the Investor

When investor considers investment in any country, he considers the infrastructure of this country, including roads, means of telecommunication and others. Infrastructure of the quality of products and services that will be provided by the investor to the market is a key element for the success of investment.

The quality of products and services that will be provided by the investor to its customers requires key elements, the first of which is to have metrology system that can guarantee reliability of measurement results that will be carried out for assurance of the quality of products and services provided to customers.