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Technical Regulations and Guides

Gulf Regulation on G Marking - BD09100501
65 KB | This regulation has been issued in execution of the goals of the Gulf Cooperation Council to realize the integration and connection between the member countries in all fields and support their unity, and according to the goals of the “economical agreement” between the Council countries, which established the basis of the common market for the GCC countries, to develop the common work method between the Council countries, and whereas a unified conformity marking shall be used to facilitate the control process of the common market for the GCC countries by the competent authorities of the member countries, and to clarify the commitments of the manufacturers and importers in regards to the mark by virtue of the applied systems. This regulation lays down the form, the process and the meaning of affixing the marking as well as the declaration of conformity.
GSO Guide On Notified Bodies - BD09100502
62 KB | The purpose of this Guide is to specify criteria to be used in the assessment and appointment of Conformity Assessment Bodies to undertake duties and functions as set out in the Gulf Technical Regulations. This Guide also aims to provide explanation and clarification to Conformity Assessment Bodies wishing to act as notified bodies for Member States, subject to the GSO Technical Regulations in force in the Member States. Meeting the criteria of this Guide will serve as basis to any recommendations made about the appointment of any conformity verification body wishing to carry out the functions of a notified body. This guide should be seen as complementary to legal texts, legislations and technical regulations issued by the Organization to that effect.
GSO Guide On Modules of Conformity Assessment - BD09100503
263 KB | This guide aims to present typical types for procedures of conformity assessment adopted by the Member States to ensure that products comply with the main requirements provided in the GSO technical regulation
General Product Safety Regulation - BD09100504
117 KB | The purpose of this Regulation is ensuring a high level of protection of the health and safety of consumers and to establish a legislative framework for any product placed on the market, or supplied or made available or intended for consumers, or likely to be used by consumers under reasonably foreseeable conditions even if not intended for them, and also to ensure the safety of local or imported products placed on internal markets of the Member States.
GSO Technical Regulation On Toys: Second Edition - BD-131704-01
2 MB | This technical regulation is the second edition of the Conformity Assessment Regulation related to children toys, which includes an amendment and an update of the first edition number (BD07070502), dated on 27/11/2007. This technical regulation has been adopted by GSO Board of Directors in its 17th meeting (Riyadh, 31st of May 2013) and shall enter into force on the 01/01/2014 The most important amendments and updates are : (a) The progress of technology and knowledge in the field of manufacturing and marketing of children toys, has raised new issues for the safety of those toys and has required the amendment of the essential requirements, especially with regard to the prohibition of the use of certain chemicals that cause cancer or genetic defect or allergies or concerning the use of fragrances, as well as the maximum limits permitted for certain substances especially in toys intended for use by children under thirty-six months or toys that children can put in their mouths. (b) Establishing special requirements for children toys which come into contact with food. (c) Setting limits for noise levels produced by children toys. (d) Requiring manufacturers analyze all the risks that can be caused by children toys and evaluate the possibility of exposure to them. (e) Updating the obligations of the "Economic Operators", the "Conformity Assessment models" and the requirements and the obligations of the "Notified Conformity Assessment Bodies".
Gulf Technical Regulation for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances - BD-142004-01
646 KB | This document is the second edition of the GSO Technical Regulation on Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances, which includes an amendment and an update of the first edition, number (BD07070503) dated on 27/11/2007. The most important amendments and updates are: a) Clear definition and determining obligations of "economic operators", "Conformity Assessment Procedures" and obligations of "the Notified Bodies". b) Oblige the Manufacturers to carry out a risk analysis of all hazards that the electrical equipment may present, as well as an assessment of the potential exposure to such hazards. c) Add requirements related to electromagnetic compatibility of low-voltage electrical equipment. Another important aspect is the presumption of conformity given to the IECEE-CB Scheme as per the technical aspects. This Document has been approved by the GSO Board of Directors in its 20th meeting (Riyadh, 5th November 2014). The enforcement will be in the 1st of June 2015 in an experimental way, while the full enforcement will be in the 1st of July 2016. - Notice that this Technical Regulation deals with safety essential requirements and EMC; non covered aspects (such us Energy Efficiency) may be subject to particular National Technical Regulations for some products.
List No. (2): TC143307-01 :Electrical equipment and appliances subjected to CAP in Annex (4) of LV TR
160 KB | - List No. (2) determines the Electrical equipment and appliances subjected to the Conformity Assessment Procedure set out in Annex (4) of GSO Technical Regulation for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and Appliances. - As per the LV TR BD-142004-01 and decision by the Technical Council, the Presumption of Conformity is granted to GSO Standards, thus to the latest publication of the IEC Standards.
System on Product Safety and Market Surveillance - under notification to WTO (only Arabic version is available)
1 MB | The document describes the legal framework governing the products safety in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member states and Yemen. The framework specifies the general product safety requirements, Gulf technical regulations, obligations of economic operators, notified bodies, product liability, market surveillance, administrative provisions, infringement procedures, and sanctions.