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Technical Council

Technical Council Meeting

Technical Council Formation and Meetings

1. The Technical Council shall comprise of the presidents or officials of the standardization organizations of the Member States or their representatives. The Secretary-General of the Organization and a representative of the GCC General-Secretariat shall attend meetings of the Technical Council without having the right to vote. 
2. Chairmanship of the Technical Council shall rotate on an alternatively , and the Council sessions are to be chaired by the representative of the Member State that presides the Board of Directors at that time.
3. The Technical Council shall hold ordinary quarterly meetings and may hold extra-ordinary meetings at the request of one third of its members.
4. The Technical Council may invite other public and private organizations concerned with the standardization affairs in the Member States to participate in its meetings without having the right to vote.
5. Meetings of the Technical Council shall be valid when the majority of the Member States are present. The resolutions and recommendations of the Technical Council shall be approved by majority vote of the members present.


Functions of the Technical Council

The Technical Council shall have the following functions:

1. Examination and deliberation of the subjects listed on the agenda of the meeting of the Board of Directors and propose recommendations thereon.
2. Approve the technical rules, the Standards and the Gulf Conformity Evaluation Procedures and submit the same to the Board of Directors for approval.
3. Review the plans, budgets and programs submitted by the Secretary General and propose recommendations thereon.
4. Review the regulations, rules, directives and instructions governing the activities of the technical commission and propose recommendations thereon.
5. Examine and approve nominations of the Secretary General for the chairmanship, and membership of the technical standardization committees.
6. Review the Organization's annual reports and give appropriate advice and recommendations thereon and submit the same to the Board of Directors.
7. Carry out all the duties and powers delegated to it by the Board of Directors.