Many Technical experts from industry, associations, public administrations, academia and societal organizations are involved in the GSO network. The stakeholders of GSO are: National Standardization Bodies (NSBs) in GSO members, business, industry and commerce; service providers; consumer, environmental and societal organizations; public authorities and regulators; and other public and private institutions.

Most of these stakeholders are represented in the GSO through:

  • 7 National members: National Standardization Bodies (NSBs) who constitute the final decision-makers within GSO;
  • GCC organizations, associations and federations representing stakeholders such as business, industry, consumers, environmental and societal organizations, etc.;
  • Governmental bodies and other authorities,
  • International cooperation with ISO, IEC, and Codex Alimentarius.
  • Relations and Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Regional Standardization Organizations, such as (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI), SMIIC, AIDMO, SARSO, CORSQ, etc, and other national standardization Bodies, such as, ASTM, SAC, KATS, SPRING Singapore, and TSE, etc

GSO e-Services

Standards Store

Standards Store

Buy Gulf Standards and Technical Regulations, pay online and download in PDF.



Products bearing the G-Mark registered by Gulf Notified Bodies.



Conformity Certificates & Fuel Efficiency Labels for Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Tyres.

Training Programs

Standardization Trainings

Specialized training courses in standardization activities delivered by world class trainers.

Gulf Committees

Gulf Committees

Gulf Committees, Membership, Messages, Documents...

Energy Efficiancy Rating

Energy Efficiency Rating Labels for Air Conditioners in Bahrain and Oman.



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