GSO Strategy 2016-2020

The GSO has taken the first step towards the formulation of the strategic performance control system based on a clear and comprehensive vision which shall constitute the organization’s future scope and its sole source of loyalty to its staff. This very vision has included the most expressive statements of its future approaches and identity. Additionally, strategic objectives have been set with the aim of the development of standardization activities that ensure its international excellence. Both the vision and the strategic objectives have been designed to suit all activities apropos priorities, initiatives, work strategies, and performance measurement and assessment.

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Strategic Outcomes 2016-2020

  • Facilitating trade exchange among the member states
  • Supporting penetration into global market
  • Development of the small and medium scale industries
  • Customer safety assurance

Strategic Themes

Five strategic themes are to be used for defining the basic channels (GSO Guiding Principles) upon which the GSO’s shall build its own strategy. These are:

  • Customer and partners’ satisfaction: The GSO tries hard to provide its customers and partners with the best services.
  • Partnership for meeting the outcomes: The GSO shall launch several initiatives for the purpose of enhancing partnership with the member states and other regional and international organizations and, naturally, meeting its set outcomes.
  • Knowledge and Innovation: GSO considers innovation a fundamental incentive for building a system based on knowledge in order to pave the way towards the development of standardization activities that depend upon the conclusions and findings of various research and studies.
  • Excellence in standardization activities: The implementation of both principles of partnership and knowledge and innovation have the potential to assist the GSO in adopting the concepts of creating added value for the its standardization activities beneficiaries through developing organizational ability.
  • An Outcome-based Organization: The GSO’s impact shall be measured according to whatever outcomes it meets, and achievements it fulfills, both regionally and globally.

Strategic Objectives

  • Enhancing the benefits of standardization nationally.
  • Support partnership to fulfill the international standardization requirements.
  • Deployment of the standardization activities in the development of industry and businesses.
  • Providing safe products and services at a reasonable quality level.
  • Increasing the number of professional training, teaching, outreach and consultation programs.
  • Developing an integrated system for knowledge and information control.
  • Encouraging applied research and studies, and assessing the standardization impact.
  • Encouraging the perfect implementation of the Gulf system to ensure conformity.
  • Running metrological activities.
  • Regulating conformity verification practices.
  • Developing technical regulations and standard specifications.
  • Protecting the member states’ interests.
  • Collaborating with the member states to approve the standardization activities and their implementation.
  • Improving the necessary mechanisms and effective means to understand the member states’ needs.
  • Attracting and improving qualified staff.
  • Improving the organizational environment.
  • Improving systems and technological applications.
  • Achieving financial self-sufficiency.

GSO e-Services

Standards Store

Standards Store

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Conformity Certificates Authentication

Conformity Certificates Authentication

Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles and Tyres Manufacturers can create their profile and declare their product technical details and test reports for attestation from our engineers. Read More +

GSO Conformity Tracking System

GSO Conformity Tracking System

Browse and Search our database of products bearing the G-Mark and the GSO Conformity Tracking Symbol (GCTS), registered by our notified bodies who certified their conformity with the G-Mark requirements. Read More +

Information Sources

Information Sources

GSO develops a set of information bases and knowledge platforms that serve standardization activities and help specialists make the right decisions. Read More +



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